Ideas for Recycling Wooden Pallets

It seems like every store uses those giant wooden pallets to move and store their inventory. But what happens to them when they are done? Most stores give these wooden pallets away for free. Otherwise, they usually get thrown away. There are many uses for wood pallets, however, so they don’t go to waste.

Patio Furniture

Without even really pulling the pallets apart, you can build some impressive patio furniture from recycled wooden pallets. You can make chairs, loungers, tables, even benches, and loveseats from these useful pallets. Add some upholstered cushions for color and comfort, and you have yourself some great patio furniture.

Build a Playhouse

For a fun place for the kids to play, use those pallets to build a playhouse. You can make it as simple or complex as you please and even create little counters and shelves for a realistic touch. Double check for any exposed hardware, and sand everything down to prevent splinters. All you need now is to paint it in your kids’ favorite color.


You can use the wood from pallets to create some genuinely innovative shelving options for anywhere in the house. For example, you can use the pallets as shelving in a beach-theme bathroom, and even use them for towel racks.

Kitchen Island

To get that coveted rustic look in your kitchen without spending a fortune, use wooden pallets to build a useful kitchen island. Even better, when you make it yourself, you can custom build every nook and cranny to your own specifications so you can get the most use out of it.

Coffee Table

In your living room or on the screened-in porch, imagine how useful a big, gorgeous coffee table would be. Use the pallets along with recycled glass or any other materials you want to build your perfect coffee table.


All of the slats in wooden pallets make them a perfect choice for do-it-yourself planters without much hassle. Lay them flat or even hang them on the wall for super useful hanging planters. You can also create a pergola to grow your hanging plants.

Shoe Rack

To keep your mudroom a little less cluttered, set a pallet on its side and use it to store all of your loose shoes. Best of all, it’s fairly easy to clean off and light enough to move as needed.


If all else fails, wooden pallets make excellent firewood. Why bother with store-bought logs and buying firewood when there is perfectly good wood just going to waste?

There are so many ideas for recycling wooden pallets that you could literally build just about anything from them. The salvaged wood itself makes for great building material, and using anything salvaged is much cheaper and better for the environment than buying new wood. Better yet, every eco-friendly piece you make is a great showpiece and conversation starter.