Green Furniture on a Budget

Sometimes, eco-friendly furniture options can be the most expensive. This is typical because the market has been flooded with people wanting to buy chic environmentally friendly furnishings. The eco-friendly look has not only increased in popularity due to the environmentally friendly nature but has also become all the rage in home improvement trends.

You can still find green furniture on a budget, however. In fact, a lot of times the most straightforward answer is right under your nose. You just have to rethink what it means to get new furniture.


If you are looking for new furniture, but want to stay eco-friendly, look to reuse rather than actually buy new. Look for great finds in thrift stores and used furniture outlets. You’ll save a ton of money and protect the environment by helping to prevent waste, while still finding the perfect look.


There is just about nothing more eco-friendly than salvaging items and materials to be put to good use rather than letting them head off into a landfill. Salvaged or reclaimed furniture and building materials make great earth-friendly choices and are extra friendly to your wallet. You never know what you might find, either – imagine, for example, a great big piece of salvaged wood cleaned up to use as a kitchen island. Can you say industrial chic?


When you get a little creative, old items can become new again. Repurposing existing furniture or thrifty finds could be just what you need to furnish your home and keep your green style within a budget. With a little elbow grease and some creativity, an old busted coffee table can become a comfy cushioned storage ottoman. There is literally no limit to what you can repurpose.


What could possibly be more green than recycling? Find, build, or otherwise use recycled materials for just about anything you need. Furniture, decorative items, curtains and more, can all be made from post-consumer materials. This is a trend that is catching on all over the country, so look for upcycled art and furniture stores in a city near you.


In some situations, there’s nothing more budget-friendly than building your own furniture. Use salvaged, reclaimed, or sustainable materials to stay green. You might be surprised how simple some projects are if you have the time and tools to accomplish them. Look online for excellent how-to tutorials and do-it-yourself inspiration.


When you’re looking for green furniture that fits into your budget, look no further than the furniture right in front of you. You would be amazed at how different and brand new your old furniture can be with some simple refurbishments. A little paint, some sanding here and there, and new upholstery can turn what you already have into what you really want.


Check your area for a Habitat for Humanity ReStore ( These stores have new and used furniture, hardware, accessories, and even appliances. Some are in brand new condition, others need a little love. You can also find things like doors, building materials, and tools. Even better, these stores help give back to your community.

Buy Local

If you are just looking to buy budget friendly green furniture, always try to buy local first. Your locally owned stores will sometimes have excellent deals, and better yet you can cut out transportation expenditures. This will help cut down on pollution and fossil fuel use.

Going green at home is not only an excellent way to help save the planet, but it is also one of the highest trending home improvement and decor themes. Unfortunately, eco-friendly isn’t always wallet friendly. Luckily, with this knowledge and a little creativity, you can find great green furniture even on a budget.